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About Us

Infinite Devices is a German start-up that strives to revolutionize the IoT market. Our infinimesh IoT platform creates the backbone for the communication of millions of IoT devices. infinimesh is unique in that it provides fast, highly-scalable and secure connectivity and handles the data processing for IoT fleets and spheres of any size at low costs. Hosted in Germany, infinimesh fully complies with the GDPR requirements.



organize the connected world and shape the information for all.


be excellent, innovative, and customer-centric in connecting devices securely, making cities more sustainable, life easier and citizens happier.


Passionate innovation

Military-grade security

Effective teamwork

Deep empathy to business and public sector challenges

Meet The Team

We are Infinite Devices.

Accomplished leader with over 20+ years experience as a senior executive, developer from age of 17, Politician, AI expert, Speaker, Engineer and Artist.

Head of Legal & HR

Lawyer and expert in contract law, mediator and coach, passionate about people and determined to create the perfect work environment.


Successful entrepreneur, extensive experience in DevOps, Big Data and technology industry working with startups and publicly traded companies.

Dr. Marko

Professor of Marketing at the University of Magdeburg and Monash University Malaysia. World-leading expert in market research methods. Successfully consulted dozens of companies in fields such as market segmentation, customer targeting, product / service positioning, and branding.

Working Student

Passionate and very motivated International Management and Marketing Master Student. At Infinite Devices, I am helping my amazing team to revolutionize the IoT market. Let’s transform the world and make it smarter together!


April 2018

Our Humble Beginnings

On a flight from Germany to San Francisco, the initial two founders drafted the idea of an independent IoT platform, integrated AI and blockchain for ODM signature patterns.

May 2018

A Company Is Born

We built our first website, coded a blockchain for the device registry and finally our MQTT bridge. We got a Google Cloud Startup grant with GCP credits to startup our SaaS.

December 2018

Infinimesh Alpha Released on Google Cloud

Our first official code drop got viral, we had some recognition on Reddit and HackerNews. In the next weeks, we got 30+ stars on GitHub and our idea started to attract developers and potential users.

March 2019

Incorporation USA

We incorporated as infinimesh, Inc. in Delaware and opened our first office in Seattle, WA.

December 2019

Gaia-X and Infinite Devices

Infinite Devices selected 1&1 IONOS as the technology partner to create a disruptive, GDPR and Gaia-X conform IoT solution to overtake the US public cloud provider in IoT. We opened our highly anticipated public IoT playground.

February 2020

Infinite Devices GmbH

We got officially registered as Infinite Devices GmbH and opened our headquarter in Magdeburg, Germany. Our private beta for infinimesh IoT goes online with 1&1 IONOS as the infrastructure technology provider.

We believe that smart and connected devices bring our society forward. Take IoT under your control.