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What it is & how it works

Infinimesh Cloud

is SaaS-empowered by our technology partner IONOS 1&1. Made and operated in Germany, infinimesh cloud takes care of the tech behind your ideas.

Infinimesh Private

runs in your own datacenter or a private cloud environment.

Machines are talking – your life improves
4 easy steps to a smarter world


your devices


any data you require

Analyze & Visualize

your real-time data


with any other IT infrastructure


Why Infinimesh


AI facilitates the implementation of real-time data and enables predictive maintenance, intelligent alarming or deep insights into your assets, thereby reducing downtime and lowering costs.

Military-grade SECURe & GDPR-COMPLIANT

infinimesh can be run as SaaS with our European cloud partners (e.g.,1&1 IONOS), fully conforming with the GDPR and GAIAX. You can also run infinimesh in your own datacenter, independent from any public cloud.

to maximize your ROI

infinimesh is a modern microservice-based platform written in Golang. It allows infinimesh to easily scale no matter how many devices you want to connect. The price per device does not grow as the data flow increases. You gain a full control over the costs.


Device Management

Powerful but simple framework to visualize clusters of devices within your organization and set permissions up to device level.

Device Shadow

Real-time and two-way correspondence for every device in your fleet. Our highly scalable backend can power millions of devices.

Asset Monitoring

Insightful statistics about your device fleet at your chosen level of abstractions. Detect problems quickly and at a glance.

Time series Visualization

Great telemetry is based on time series. infinimesh has built-in time series data capabilities which enables meaningful monitoring.

Machine Learning and Al

infinimesh has built-in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models built-in to rapidly detect anomalies and respond accordingly.

Virtual Twins

A virtual twin is the digital copy of your physical asset. infinimesh provides virtual twins which give you the possibility to modify your physical device without even touching it.

Hybrid Cloud

infinimesh has the unique capacity to run in different locations simultaneously. This makes complex and vulnerable installations a thing of the past.

Cloud Native

infinimesh is a cloud-native software – we leverage the most modern approach to make the setup, operation and relocation of a fleet or even a complete installation easy and reliable. There is no comparable solution on the market.


8×5 Support
Responsewithin 24hwithin 8h
24×7 Monitoring
Further support packages
(e.g., 12×5 Support) are available. Please contact our
Sales team!


Your Business. Your IoT Platform. Your Choice.

IoT has never been easier: choose one plan and upgrade seamless and without any additional costs into the next tier.

infinimesh cloud


€ 349

Per Month

Up to 100 Devices

12 Month Contract

Community Portal
Unlimited Inbound Traffic
Unlimited Commands

100 GB Storage

100 GB Outbound Traffic


€ 2299

Per Month

Up to 1000 Devices

12 Month Contract

Same as Starter
8 x 5 Support

400 GB Storage

1 TB Outbound Traffic


€ 9990

Per Month

Up to 5000 Devices

12 Month Contract

Same as Business
24 x 7 Monitoring

2 TB Storage

5 TB Outbound Traffic

infinimesh private


€ 3499

Per Year

Unlimited Devices

8 x 5 Support

99 Cent / Device / Month

Unlimited Usage

We believe that smart and connected devices bring our society forward. Take IoT under your control.